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Exhibition Venues



                                                                Mmmm....dill pickles

8.5" X 11


'From A Tiny Seed'


A traveling exhibit by members of the Fibre Art Network

Opened in May, 2018 at Penticton Quilters Guild, Penticton, BC.  This exhibit will travel to various venues for two years.

Each piece in this exhibit is a personal interpretation of the theme based on the artist's vision: for example, the growth of an idea, an invention, or the evolution of a natural or manmade form.



Song of Summer 

8.5" X 11"



20/20 Vision'             Fibre Art Network

 At Quilt Canada 2020 in Edmonton       For other venues see www.fibreartnetwork.com/Events           

My youngest sister is blind and so the concept of 20/20 vision is meaningless for her. As I pondered this, I thought about how many other people in this world have a different perspective on life. This piece honours all those who “see” the world from another perspective.

20/20 Vision: A Different Perspective

20" X 20"










A traveling exhibit by members of the Fibre Art Network

Opened at Quilt Canada May 31 through June 2, 2018 in Vancouver, BC. This exhibit will travel to various venues for two years – see dates and locations here.

Conversations is a FAN exhibit by members of the Fibre Art Network.  24 partners collaborated to each produce work based upon their Conversations.

                          Transformation: Moving Through Chaos

18" X 12"


Circles and Lines                            FAN Exhibit

Opening May, 2019

Circles & Lines is FAN’s second small format boxed exhibit that will be available for loan to small venues such as guilds and libraries. 

Natural or man-made, circles and lines are part of our everyday lives. You will find many examples in both our organic (vegetation) and non-organic (functional and architectural) environments.

Skinny Strips #5                               7" x 10"


SAQA Benefit Auction 2020

Studio Art Quilt Associates

My donation quilt for the SAQA Benefit Auction 2020. All proceeds help support SAQA's exhibition and outreach programs.

Skinny Strips # 9   12" X 12"



Colour with a U Too - a SAQA Canadian Exhibit

Colours on the Rock 18" X 36"

Weaving the World Together

                                   18" X 36"


A Fibre Art Network Travelling Exhibit

Threads of Hope is based on hope, longing and desire for the future of the world. Each fibre art piece will have a red "thread" entering the left side and exiting the right side of the art at 3" finished width on both sides. The art work will be hung so that the Threads of Hope connect.

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