Layered Circles Triad

16” X 41”


Statement: This piece is part of an ongoing exploration of the layered circles technique from Quilting Arts 10th Anniversary magazine. I was eager to try a large version and incorporate some of my “non-quilting” fabric. I particularly enjoy the connection from seeing the fabric from my winter coat, linings, a purse, shirts, blouses and dresses in this piece. It’s a reverse raw edge applique technique. All the layers are stitched together then trimmed away in different areas to showcase the fabric underneath. It’s a great exercise in using value as well as a fun introduction to art quilts. The wrinkled border fabric was created by wetting and scrunching into a ball, which was secured with elastic bands. When dry, it was fused to interfacing.

Materials/Techniques: pieced, textured border, reverse raw edge applique, machine quilted.


CQA/ACC NJS 2013 Original Design Nonrepresentational Wall Quilt


Layered Circles Triad - detail

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